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The SCG Observatoria

The objective of this wiki is to provide information about our community, SouthernCross Gaming. As our community is heavily focused around our Team Fortress 2 servers, there may be some overlap in information that is better sourced from The Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki.

  1. History
  2. Technical information


The inspiration for starting the wiki came from difficulty displaying and organizing information on the Jewelbox, which was originally built for a similar purpose. Work began on November 22nd, 2021, and was finished around the end of February of 2022, with a public launch on February 28th. The first round of updates came shortly after, addressing some bugs and issues that were brought up by Kent.

Currently, the wiki is undergoing a population period, where new articles are being established before a more vocal announcement about its existence will be made.

Technical information

This wiki is powered by a custom wiki engine built by Rowedahelicon, using elements from our existing markdown parser. Inspiration for addtional formatting options came from the TF2 wiki. Certain pages use custom scripting code to display dynamically changing information, without the need for manual interaction or editing, similar to how bots help manage articles on Wikipedia. It is coded in PHP.