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Passion Fruit

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"Tip, To defeat the Mercenary, shoot him until he dies." - Open Fortress Loading Screen.

Server - Passion Fruit

Established: 2020
Game: Open Fortress
Status: Online

Passion Fruit is an Open Fortress SCG Server. Formerly, Passion Fruit remained offline due to the ongoing discussion between the Open Fortress team and the Valve Corporation legal team.

  1. Plugins of interest
    1. Fun
      1. Splatter
    2. Utility
      1. Frag Adjuster
  2. Gameplay
    1. Game Modes
    2. Maps
  3. History
    1. Initial Launch
    2. Update Issues
    3. Development Halted
    4. Revival
  4. Trivia

Plugins of interest



Splatter is a plugin designed by Fraeven and Rowedahelicon. When a player collides into another player at certain speed, the players will bounce off of each other, and take damage relative to the speeds at which they were or were not going. At a fast enough speed and with enough damage, they will explode the other player they hit. If both players are going fast enough when they collide, they will both splatter. Approaching a player from above will result in a "goomba" effect, similar to that of the respectively named plugin on Rainbow Swirl wherein the player will deal damage to the player below and bounce off of them. The command !splatterunit allows for changing the displayed speed between Imperial, Metric and Hammer Units.


Frag Adjuster

The frag adjuster is a mod designed by Rowdy and Fraeven. It will dynamically scale the frags needed to win a round of DM/TDM based on the players. It is split into 3 levels. Every player that joins adds 8 kills to the limit until 16 players join, then it is 10 for each new player up until 24, then it is 12 for each new player.


Game Modes

Passion Fruit focuses on Team Deathmatch and Mercenary Capture The Flag within its map rotation.



Initial Launch

Passion Fruit originally launched on May 21st, 2020. Known as "Open Fortress Test Event" marked the first Open Fortress event in SCG. From here Passion Fruit was played weekly on Thursdays at 9pm Eastern Time. The game was met with praise from regulars of the SCG community and helped draw in several new faces. Because of the smaller server pool within Open Fortress many outsiders would join during events due to it being the most populated. Thus leading to some unpleasant players.

Update Issues

One of the challenges with maintaining Open Fortress was the updates. Since the game was not on Steam it was distributed using SVN, also known as Apache Subversion. Along with the games Open Source and collaborative nature it lead to numerous updates quite often. This resulted in a confusing update experience for players and added stress to maintain the server for weekly game nights. It wasn't uncommon for the game to update prior to an event resulting in outdated clients and servers. Later on a Launcher was created by the Open Fortress Devs to help ease the update process however it made little impact on the server front.

This ultimately lead to the server being shutdown until a better update plan and method was introduced to the game.

Development Halted

Posted on Twitter on September 10th, 2022 it was announced downloads and development for Open Fortress would halted due to ongoing legal talks with Valve. This lead to Passion Fruit remaining offline indefinitely.


On May 31st of 2022 the Open Fortress project announced it was resuming development and allowing for downloads once again. In addition, a new download method using a custom launcher was released. With the resurgence in interest of the game, talks of reviving Passion Fruit began. In June the server was officially revived and work began on making it a unique experience for SCG Players. On June 12th the playercap was reduced from 32 to 24 to help curb more toxic behavior and keep gameplay less chaotic.


  • In order to gib someone via splattering, you must be traveling over 1000 hu/s, which translates roughly to 42 mp/h or 67 km/h
  • The kill icon displayed when someone is splattered is for the Bumper Cars from Team Fortress 2. The icon was previously the Charge 'n Targe. An approach from above will result in a Mantreads kill icon.
  • Splatter was first conceptualized in the SCG Trello as "Full body goomba slam" on Nov 1st, 2020.