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Randomizer (TF2)

Randomizer is a community made, based , that allows teams of players to fight each other as randomly chosen classes with randomly chosen weapon loadouts. This mode is played on Rainbow on maps denoted by [RNDM] on the map vote menu.

It was originally created by EnigmatiK, maintained by FlaminSarge, and is currently maintained by FortyTwoFortyTwo. SCG currently uses a modified version of the version by FortyTwoFortyTwo.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Commands


Randomizer is played with two teams, up to 12 players on each. Where each player on either team spawns in as a random class with a random set of weapons. Players have a brief window to use the /reroll command to switch once per round. When a player dies, they can spawn in as a ghost if the option is selected. If a living player captures the control-point, this will respawn all dead players on that person's team.

When the clock runs out, the team who owns the point wins. Addiontally, if an entire team is wiped out, the living team will win.


/reroll - Allows you to reroll your loadout once per round. Can only be used within the time limit displayed on your hud in the lower left corner, or until you first fire your weapon, whichever comes first.
/cantsee - Allows you to toggle the visibility of the weapon you're currently holding, making it easier to see.
/cantseeall - Allows you to toggle the visibility of all your weapons from that point forward.