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This page is for a quick and comprehensive overview of maintained records. Both server patches and file management.

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  • team_fortress_2 Icon
    Update for Team Fortress 2
  • Patchnotes

    Fixed a bug with the Vaccinator not receiving benefits of Über Duration
    Front Line Fudge VALVE BUG
    Due to the way the Vaccinator was changed in the 2015 update, the Über Duration upgrade in MVM does nothing to the actual duration of the Über.

    This is now fixed using a server side mod. Each upgrade now adds an additional 0.5 seconds per level, applied to each individual Über charge for total up to 6 additional seconds per full Über meter. And up to 4.5 seconds to each individual resistance given, from the original 3 seconds.

    Big thanks to Shylo for pointing this out to me, as I had absolutely no idea!