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This is a quick overview of our maintenance records, from fixes to file additions and more!

Sorting results by date : 2020-08-19
Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Team Fortress 2 // General server update
Fixed missing sounds on the !tetris plugin
Chocolate Rainbow
Caused by missing sounds trying to play all of the time
Fixed mvm_mentus not showing up on the vote list correctly
Front Line Fudge
Fixed a missing name/chat color on the store
Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
Lightred is back baby~!
Fixed the !admins list command
Chocolate Rainbow Strawberry Front Line Fudge Vanilla
Was showing an outdated list, also now uses a redesigned menu
Team Fortress 2 // Front Line Fudge // Mission update
Mission added - mvm_sharp_rc5
Mission added - mvm_sharp_rc5_adv_autumnal_equinox
Mission added - mvm_sharp_rc5_adv_hazey_maze
Mission added - mvm_sharp_rc5_adv_sudden_equinox
Mission added - mvm_sharp_rc5_exp_fall_out
Mission added - mvm_sharp_rc5_int_daybreak_directive
Mission added - mvm_sharp_rc5_int_furious_fall
Mission removed - mvm_sharp_rc4
Mission removed - mvm_sharp_rc4_adv_autumnal_equinox
Mission removed - mvm_sharp_rc4_adv_hazey_maze
Mission removed - mvm_sharp_rc4_adv_sudden_equinox
Mission removed - mvm_sharp_rc4_exp_autumnal_research
Mission removed - mvm_sharp_rc4_exp_fall_out
Mission removed - mvm_sharp_rc4_int_daybreak_directive
Mission added - mvm_yiresa_rc2_adv_Mechanized_Mayhem
Mission added - mvm_yiresa_rc2_exp_TableFlip
Mission added - mvm_yiresa_rc2_int_torrent_territory