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This is a quick overview of our maintenance records, from fixes to file additions and more!

Sorting results by date : 2022-06-05
Sunday, June 5th, 2022

Open Fortress // General server update
Fixed Ubered players from being affected by splattering
CTF / MCTF maps now have a 20 minute timelimit
Removed the secondary explosions from the dynamite
Frag limits now scale better with players
1 - 16 players, 8 frags per. 17-24 players, 10 frags per. 25+ players, 12 frags per.
Replaced OF's spawn protection with our own
Spawn protection is still 3 seconds, but better accounts for chargeable weapons such as dynamite.
Taunt kill attempts now disable spawn protection
Fixed the missing megahealth powerup model
Fixed the flamethrower client-side particles
Fixed an animation error with the crowbar
Added some visual effects to the splatter feature