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This is a quick overview of our maintenance records, from fixes to file additions and more!

Sorting results by date : 2022-07-13
Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

Minecraft // General server update
Graves no longer require tokens to use
This may be a temporary change to help out players while the server is still new, but hey, enjoy!
Added the ability to sit and crawl
You can now sit on blocks using /sit and crawl around using /crawl
The server will now restart every ~12 hours
Every 12 hours, at midnight and noon; ample warnings are given ahead of time!
Players who are AFK will display with gray text in the tablist
Open Fortress // General server update
The team with the most points in a round will now win on end of map
Passion Fruit
Fixed a bug where the map vote wouldn't go anywhere if no one voted
Fixed SourceTV adding to the frag limit
Frag limit adjustments no longer leave messages in the server chat
Fixed stalemates not being displayed correctly to players
Fixed losing team humiliations displaying oddly
Open Fortress // Passion Fruit // Maplist update
Added - dm_landfall_rc2
Added - dm_staple_b2a
Added - xdm_bloodcovenant_v2
Added - xdm_deadsimple_v2