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Today's birthdays : {SCG} Erin

Did you know

  • ...SCG has its own Tf2 Health Bar HUD mod?
  • ...the font SCG uses is called Transuranium?
  • ...SCG maintains a wall of shame for bans or events that stand out in unique ways?
  • ...the !smite !burn !freeze and !drug commands are printed as PK Thunder Ω PK Fire Ω PK Freeze Ω and PSI Brainshock Ω respectively from the game, EarthBound?
  • ...SCG names their servers to sound like Ice cream flavors?
  •'s always parity time?
  • ...that Sinamoi wants his juice?
  • ...that Southern Cross is the nickname of the Crux consellation?
  •'s named that because Rowdy was a Crux?
  • ...that there are no friendlies in Cherno?
  • ...that Rowdy has Kleedog 9's least favorite hat?
  • ...The servers came from 100 dollars Rowdy got on his 18th birthday?
  • ...The voice line that plays "That bloody Crux is here!" was recorded at a convention by the actual Sniper, John Patrick Lowrie !
  1. Old facts + Suggestions here

Old facts + Suggestions here

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