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Let's talk about our favorite games of 2023

By Rowedahelicon

Rather than narrow down our experiences to single games that fit specific categories, let's instead give thanks and praise to all of the games we enjoyed in 2023.

Tell us what games you enjoyed in 2023 (Doesn't have to had come out that year) and at the end of January, I'll make a big presentation of all of your comments! You can be as detailed or as vague as you wish, and it can be from Steam, Itch, Epic, Newgrounds, etc;

All you need to do is put the game on a line and your comment below, for example:

Pizza Tower
It was fun! :)

On January 31st, I'll take everything submitted and put it together on a big post~! I also apologize if this seems rushed, I've talked about doing this before and never have, so this year I'm saying heck it, let's ball~!

You can reply to this thread here, our website, or on the thread created in our discord!

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Happy Birthday, Sven Coop!

By Rowedahelicon

Sven Coop came out today, January 19th, in 1999! It's a really fun game with an active modding community to this day, we play it on our server from time to time and maybe we need to play it more!

We're going to be playing this weekend on Sunday night! Come join us! It's a free game~!

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Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays :3!

By Rowedahelicon

Merry Christmas to you all, unless it's not your thing, in which case, I hope your day is merry anyway! You folks here at SCG are the greatest gift possible, and I am so thankful for you all~! Looking forward to another year of fun and games~!

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PSA: Delete your downloaded copy of ctf_haarp

By Rowedahelicon

ctf_haarp is now an official map, many maps we have hosted in the past are! However, the filename for ctf_haarp is the same as the old community download version, trying to play the official map will cause a file mismatch and kick you out.

While we are not yet running this map on our rotation due to this issue, you may encounter it elsewhere. If you think you've played it before on a community server, look for tf/downloads/maps/ctf_haarp.bsp and delete it!

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Discord Server update

By Rowedahelicon

A new opt-in channel has been added, free-games! This is a container for the free games bot that was previously posting in other-games-general. And as it is an opt-in channel, a new role has been added.

The "Free Games!" role can be added or removed via the /role command.

Thank you, and have a good day!

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