SCG Banner over!

By Rowedahelicon

The year is certainly flying by fast right? I want to give a shout out to Cnoisy and The Modest Blues for making the art we used for Halloween icons!

In other news, ZombieFortress has been temporarily disabled, this is not because of Halloween ending, but instead so we can take some time to fix some of the more pressing issues. We remain committed to making it a fun part of the SCG rotation!

Always more in store, more posts soon~! Have yourself a lovely day!

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Check out these workshop items!

By Rowedahelicon

Rowdy wanted to put a list together of assorted workshop items to vote for as the next big content is right around the corner! And then Green Dragon Iris suggested that we put those items into a collection, and here it is!

Got something you'd like to add? Drop a comment on this post!

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The group Halloween Art Fair is now open!

By Rowedahelicon

Make us something silly, and spooky, for us to use across our social medias for October! Anyone can enter, any submission is accepted (as long as it doesn't break the rules), check out the details here:

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Changes to our Patreon!

By Rowedahelicon

Our Patreon now supports a free tier, you can join it without becoming a paying member and get notifications for our future public posts! Additionally, most paid tiers now come with a discount towards purchases over at my art house, ScritchWorks!

There is no obligation to join, the bills are getting paid, but if you want to support the community and its future endeavors and get the first look at cool stuff in the process, please consider subscribing!

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Steam logins have been temporarily disabled on the SCG site

By Rowedahelicon

A concern was raised about a potential exploit using Steam's OpenID login system that could spoof account credentials and login to third-party sites erroneously. We cannot confirm that our OpenID handler is even affected. Until we know more details, as a safety precaution, Steam logins have been disabled on the SCG site.

There has not been any sign of fraudulent activity or logins. Additionally, if someone were to login to an elevated account, there is no personal data that can be accessed via our onsite administration panel. The only thing of concern would be people messing around with our ban database.

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