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Some new and updated features!

By Rowedahelicon

Hello! Quick post today about some new and updated features.

We've updated the Voice Manager plugin! The quietest option is now quieter than before, and now voice adjustments are saved between sessions and across all servers.

Next up, we've implemented a feature across Chocolate, Rainbow, and the Open Fortress servers that will save a person's score if they disconnect or crash or whatever. This is a feature I had wanted to implement for a long time as our team balancer works off of player scores. Fraeven wanted it for Open Fortress because your score determines what place you end up in. This does not affect personal stats or strange items.

We'll have another post to make soon!

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Small updates to our Discord!

By Rowedahelicon

Hello! We have a couple of small changes to share with our Discord today!

  1. MvM victory announcements are now treated similar to server postings. Meaning, it will clean up the previous post of its type when a new one is made. This is to help keep the channel clean of spam from multiple wins in a row. This was suggested to us by Cheddar (Who pointed out how spammy it was! ^w^;)

  2. Poe will now deliver the daily temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius! Also suggested by Cheddar!

  3. Art postings in the NSFW Art channel now use the term "Content Warnings" rather than "Tags", which is more in-line with general fandom terminology. The term is used to specify the tags associated with a picture that help others engage or ignore the content depending on their interests, rather than a complete overview of the image itself.

That is all for now, keep on keeping on, more news for you all soon. ^w^

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SCG @ FWA 2023!

By Rowedahelicon

Next week is FWA 2023 ( and a ton of folks from SCG will be there! Are you planning on attending? You should let us know! We'll try and meet up, share a laugh, maybe take a photo and awkwardly shuffle away before Rowdy goes on a rant about something!

The following folks are confirmed to be coming!
Rowdy, Fraeven, Maragi, Jon the Friendly Fox, Ty the Fox, Lief, Kent, Ensis, Fao, and more!

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Notice: Temporary disabling of downloads page

By Rowedahelicon

The downloads page on the SCG site,, has had many files temporarily removed for the time being. We are in the final stages of moving our download servers to a new location and until that is ready the only way to download server files will be via connecting to the server directly.

Additionally, we are now offering an up to date copy of Open Fortress available specifically to SCG members logged into the website! There are instructions provided regarding how to use this download, but they will most likely be revised quickly.

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Assorted Discord Changes

By Rowedahelicon

A few changes have been made to Discord!

  1. #rules-and-info and #events-and-notices have been moved into a "Community" category
  2. All other top channels not previously in a category are now in "The Zoo"
  3. MvM win posts will now delete the previous one when a new one is made. (I tried to test this and I think it worked but if it doesn't I will fix it asap)

A few other things happened behind the scenes, those need a bit more work and then they'll be published! Thank you for reading, if anyone has any feedback, please let me know! ^w^

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