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Happy new years, SCG :D

By Rowedahelicon

Hello, and happy new years! I hope you're all excited for 2023, it's going to be a great year, I just know it! Looking forward to making tons more happy memories with you folk and to all the neat things that'll happen this year!

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Servers are back up!

By Rowedahelicon

I realized that I made a post saying they were down and never made a post saying they were up, but the servers have been back with zero issues following the vscript update!

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Servers temporarily down for TF2 update!

By Rowedahelicon

The new Vscript update is out! It adds a ton of new features and will change TF2 mapping for the better! As with any major update, this comes at a cost of a temporary downtime for the servers, which will be brought back online ASAP!

Read about the update here:

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Last call for postcards~!

By Rowedahelicon

Want a holiday card sent to your home for the season? Tonight is the LAST NIGHT to sign up!!! Reminder, if you have signed up in recent years, I do NOT keep your addresses, you must resend it!

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Happy 12 years of SCG!

By Rowedahelicon

Good lord where does the time go.

12 years ago today, SCG began! And over those 12 years, we've evolved into a comfortable cozy little community. Despite how little we try, we still continue to grow to this day. Old friends still return, and things are still good. <3

SCG has done so much for me, the friends I've met, the memories I've had, I hope it has helped others like it has helped me. And I hope it will continue to do so in the future as I've no plans to stop now~

I'm afraid I have no big announcements to tie in with today's post! There are things in the works, but I don't want to rush anything to meet hypothetical deadlines. We'll talk again soon~! With love to you all, Rowdy. <3

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