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This page is a collection of help topics, grouped by specific scenarios. Such as community topics, server topics, and so on. For suggestions on what to add or how to improve this section, please see this thread for the time being.

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Did you know...?

  • ...SCG has its own Tf2 Health Bar HUD mod?
  • ...the font SCG uses is called Transuranium?
  • ...SCG maintains a wall of shame for bans or events that stand out in unique ways?
  • ...the !smite !burn !freeze and !drug commands are printed as PK Thunder Ω PK Fire Ω PK Freeze Ω and PSI Brainshock Ω respectively from the game, EarthBound?
  • ...SCG names their servers to sound like Ice cream flavors?
  •'s always parity time?
  • ...that Sinamoi wants his juice?
  • ...that Southern Cross is the nickname of the Crux consellation?
  •'s named that because Rowdy was a Crux?
  • ...that there are no friendlies in Cherno?
  • ...that Rowdy has Kleedog 9's least favorite hat?
  • ...The servers came from 100 dollars Rowdy got on his 18th birthday?
  • ...The voice line that plays "That bloody Crux is here!" was recorded at a convention by the actual Sniper, John Patrick Lowrie !

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